2017 Workshops in a nutshell

In 2017, the workshops not only interpreted the material collected for the Situational Picture but also produced material for the Situational Picture. Here is a summary of the contents and goals of the workshops.

Management group of the Situational Picture of innovation on 17 February 2017 and 3 October 2017

The Situational Picture management group includes representatives from organisations linked to innovation activities and its development, such as the region’s higher education institutes, municipalities and development organisations. The management group assemblies outlined the process goals, discussed the observations made from the Situational Picture and the related topical phenomena.

Data crush event on 31 May 2017

The group composed of data experts from different organisations examined the development of the Situational Picture indicators and assessed the aptness and accuracy of the indicators. Interpretations on the phenomena behind the development of the indicators were also formed during the event and the aims was also to identify possible deficiencies and holes in the assembled material.

Interpretation workshop of the Council of Tampere Region personnel on 13 June 2017

The workshop held for the innovation and future team personnel of the Council of Tampere Region discussed the development of the indicators assembled for the Situational Picture and contemplated the phenomena behind the development. In addition, the team members highlighted their own spearhead observations in the 2017 Situational Picture in the form of essays.

Interpretation workshop with the innovation and foresight team of Council of Tampere Region 13.6.2017.

Digital data workshop on 6 September 2017

The digital data workshop focused on discussing and mapping the indicators used for monitoring digitalisation. Processes monitoring digitalisation (incl. Digibarometri and Europe’s Digital Progress Report) were discussed and the exploitability of the indicator frames used in them in the Tampere Region were debated. First, targeted measuring dimensions and ideal indicators (what we would like to know) were thought up for the different dimensions of digitalisation and, finally, possible and already identified existing information sources were mapped. In addition, the digital indicators assembled so far were reviewed.

Bio- and circular economy workshop on 18 September 2017

For the first time in the workshop, efforts were made to see how the Situational Picture process can be utilised in the examination of clearly defined substance entities and new forming ecosystems. The bio- and circular economy theme was a natural choice, since there are many ongoing development activities related to the field in the Tampere Region. The workshop focused on examining bio- and circular economy from the perspective of dimensions related to competitiveness.

The workshop was attended by bio- and circular economy experts from the fields of regional administration, research and business operations. The results of the workshop have been reported in more detail in the deep analysis of bio- and circular economy. Read more in the deep analysis.

The workshop of bio and circular economy 18.9.2017

Platform seminar on 25 September 2017

A seminar was arranged linked to the development and assessment of the platform operations in connection with the 6Aika Open innovation platforms project. The seminar reviewed, among other things, the results assembled via the Cooperation channel of platform operation development from autumn 2016 to summer 2017 and the development suggestions highlighted from them. In addition, observations related to the platform operations that came up in the Situational Picture work were reviewed and challenges and aspects related to the measurement of the impact of platforms were discussed.

The platform seminar 25.9.2017

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