Tampere - Innovation and smart services

A new-age, smart service city is being built with great enthusiasm in Tampere. A smart city promotes the competitiveness of its compnies and supports the smooth progress of the everyday life of its inhabitants.

The Smart Tampere program is an umbrella program of the City of Tampere’s smart, new approach, which comprises two parts: an ecosystem program and digital program. In the ecosystem program based on the area’s strong skills base and way of doing things together, different actors develop ecosystems under seven themes. Digitalisation is a competitive factor of Tampere-based industry and a tool in the city’s services for creating new services and new kinds of operating models through bold experiments. The objective is to have all inhabitants of Tampere using primarily digital services by 2025.

Today, Tampere has excellent preconditions for building a smart city. New development targets, such as the tramline, Central Deck and Arena as well as the Hiedanranta City District, serve as development platforms of new innovation. The Smart Tampere program provides companies with opportunities to experiment and different methods of joint development. The international networks of the program will open the global smart city market to the region’s companies.

Finland’s first mobile network with 5G readiness will be set up in the region, and will put Tampere ahead of development. With the help of faster and more reliable telecommunication links, offering digital services will become easier and more efficient.

Tampere is among the ten finalists of the European Capital of Innovation contest, which is also a recognition of the fact that things are moving in the right direction. The strong expertise and way of doing things together of the Tampere Region are laying perfect foundations for future vitality and are providing the best set of tools for success and stronger international appeal. Now is the time to make a fuss of Tampere.

Tuija Telen
Director,  Economic Development & PR
City of Tampere


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