Tampere Region actors successful in EU funding application processes - room for improvement in strategy

The Tampere Region is definitely in the leading group when looking at the amount of EU Horizon 2020 funding granted to Finland. Actors in the Tampere Region receive the second largest amount of Horizon 2020 funding (6.9%) in Finland. By June 2017, Tampere Region actors had received almost EUR 40 million in Horizon 2020 funding for a little over 100 projects.

Which actors in the Tampere Region receive Horizon 2020 funding? Higher education institutes, especially Tampere University of Technology, have an excellent success rate. Their share of the funding received by the Tampere Region is nearly two-thirds and they are also active in participating in projects. Companies also do well – they participate nearly as actively as the higher education institutes and receive approximately one-third of all funding. SMEs do especially well; they make three-quarters of company participations and they receive up to two-thirds of the funding received by companies. Public actors are also increasing their share of Horizon 2020 funding.

Which are the strong points of the Tampere Region? The results correspond well with the Tampere Region’s strong industry and RDI profile. Actors in the Tampere Region clearly receive most funding in the Industrial Leadership pillar. This means approximately EUR 15 million and nearly half of all projects. The pillar includes manufacturing industry and research and development of materials and ICT solutions. The Excellent Science pillar covers one-fifth of the projects and they yield funding to Tampere Region actors of over EUR 10 million. The Societal Challenges pillar covers less than one-third of the projects and they yield funding of slightly under EUR 10 million. This pillar covers funding on a very wide scale, from smart cities to stem cell research, from circular economy to public procurements of transport.

It would pay off to invest in the quality of project preparation since, at the moment, the success rate of Tampere Region actors is 11.4%. Our region is lagging behind the Finnish average by a couple of percentage points, and approximatively three percentage points behind the EU average. Without applying actively, we will not get any Horizon 2020 funding for the Tampere Region but, at the same time, we must invest in the strategic preparation of applications – not all can be prioritised and not everything is strategic. We can improve our chances of success by investing in different support services and utilising them to their full potential. The most important thing, however, is basically to redirect our focus boldly from Finland to Europe!

Tampere Region EU Office
Hannele Räikkönen and Petra Kortelainen


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