Hall of Fame: Tampere Region as an influencer in national and international innovation policy

Active efforts are being made in the Tampere region to develop national and international innovation policy. The influence examples provided here indicate that the Tampere Region is the right size and boasts a heterogeneous pool of experts with diverse backgrounds who, when joining forces, can get their message across on important national and international forums.


An ecosystem tool for the circular economy and a policy brief in collaboration with the Nordic Nordregio research organisation: ”Developing and Managing Innovation Ecosystems in the Circular Economy - Outline of a Digital Monitoring Tool”

An ecosystem tool for the circular economy was launched for pilot use in the summer of 2018. The development of the tool was preceded by pre-commercial market dialogue, fine tuning of the concept with technical implementers and modelling of a prototype to create a pilot-ready data product. The ecosystem tool for the circular economy combines information from multiple open data sources to form ecosystem-level visualisations. The tool was developed by the Council of Tampere Region in cooperation with Dexmen Oy, as part of the BSR Starts S3 project with Interreg Baltic Sea funding. 

The policy brief “Developing and Managing Innovation Ecosystems in the Circular Economy - Outline of a Digital Monitoring Tool”, which was produced in cooperation with the Nordic research network Nordregio, was published in August 2018.


Tampere Region’s situational picture of innovation as an Innobridge Good Practice

The situational picture of innovation of the Tampere Region was selected as a good practice within the Innobridge project. Innobridge is a five-year project funded by Interreg Europe, which aims to develop innovation policy in the regions as well as the goals for the new European Structural Fund period. Council of Tampere Region is one of the partners in the project. Read more about the justifications of the Good Practice acknowledgement on the website of the Innobridge project.


Open innovation platform and the opening innovation ecosystems of cities – “Handbook 2.0”

The 6Aika Open Innovation Platforms spearhead project has produced management tools to support platform development. Definitions, trials and lessons identified during the project have been compiled into three handbooks, the latest of which, Handbook 2.0, was published in the autumn of 2018. The handbook approaches the open innovation platform from the perspective of its basic functionalities – openness, innovation and characteristics as a platform. 

6Aika Open Innovation Platforms was a three year spearhead project of the six largest cities in Finland. The sub-project managed by the University of Tampere and Council of Tampere Region focused particularly on developing tools for the management of innovation platforms. 


The Baltic Sea Institute of Finland to helm the innovation theme of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Representatives of foreign ministries in the Baltic Sea Region selected the Tampere-based Baltic Sea Institute of Finland as new coordinator of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in September 2018 The strategy is an agreement between the Member States and the European Commission to deepen cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. It has three main goals: save the sea, bring the region together, and increase well-being. The coordinators preceding the Institute have been Sweden’s Innovation Agency Vinnova and the Nordic Council of Ministers.