Startups in the Tampere Region 2016

Developed in co-operation with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Tekes, the Startup Dashboard offers up-to-date information on Finnish startup field. The service searches for Finnish companies that meet the definition of a startup using an algorithm based on previously identified startup companies. The regional location of companies is based on the domicile specified and in some cases the mailing address and facilities. Find the dashboard here (in Finnish) 

In the Tampere Region, there are 251 companies identified by Vainu as being startups. In Finland, the total number of startups is 2,377. The Tampere Region accounts for 10.6 per cent of all startups in Finland. There are 204 startups operating in Tampere, which is the startup centre of the Tampere Region, although there are individual startups all over the region. The number of companies coming from outside the Tampere Region but operating within it (mailing address or facility in the Tampere Region) is 15. (Status September 2016)

The number of startups in Finnish cities and the location of startups in the Tampere Region. Source: Startup Dashboard. Printscreens taken in September 2016. Editing: The Council of Tampere Region.
The number of startups in Tampere by location. Status in August 2016. Map from National Land Survey of Finland.

A majority of startups operate in the information and communications sectors (63.7%). This is followed by professional activities (17.5%) and industrial (7.2 %) sectors. It should be noted that the distribution of the more common startup sectors corresponds with the top three sectoral distribution of companies operating on an innovation platform basis.

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