The situational picture is formed by the information and interpretations provided by a network in the Tampere Region

The knowledge base of the situational picture is updated annually based on open data and materials followed by the region’s innovation actors. Some blind spots are also identified during the process, for the coverage of which new data sources will be developed strategically to increase the volume of meaningful information. The continuous monitoring includes some 50 indicators under six main themes: value network capability, company growth, RDI funding, higher education institutes, digitalisation, and internationalisation. In the situational picture work, the relevant information is interpreted in joint workshops with experts and stakeholders. 

In the latest situational picture, the range of annually monitored metrics was expanded with regard to indicators related to entrepreneurial capabilities and the preconditions for business growth. At the same time, the former Growth Enterprises indicator was replaced with the broader Business Growth indicator. Degrees in STEM fields (i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as well as the number of those who complete advanced studies in mathematics in upper secondary school were added as monitored variables in the digitalisation indicator.

Thematically speaking, the 2018 situational picture focuses particularly on the topical social welfare and health care RDI sector. An analysis on the current state of social welfare and health care RDI was compiled during the spring and summer of 2018. Piloted in the summer of 2018, the ecosystem tool for the circular economy enriches data sources in a new way and produces new ecosystem-level information. The development of innovation platforms and start-up networks has remained a focus point of innovation policy in the Tampere Region. As data sources become more diverse and complex, responsibility has become an important and pervasive theme in RDI discussion.

The situational picture of innovation activities in the Tampere Region has been identified as a good method for information-based management on many international forums.

The situational picture of innovation has been presented to and worked on with European partners in the following contexts, for example:
- In the BSR Stars S3 partner meeting held in Lithuania on 26 September 2018, as an example of regional metrics on innovation activities.
- To the Innobridge partners on 15 November 2017 when the situational picture of innovation was acknowledged as an Innobridge Good Practice. In addition to presenting the situational picture process and answering questions, the participants discussed the practical implementation of the solution and its applicability in other areas. The partners took notes to improve their own monitoring efforts and the measurement of efficacy.

- As part of the 6Aika Open Innovation Platforms sub-project, an analysis was prepared on the positioning of the cities in terms of innovation platforms on an international scale.

The Situational Picture of Innovation 2018 was released on 8 October 2018 as part of the Tampere Regional Economic Forum and Tampere Smart City Week.

More information:
Petri Räsänen, Director, Innovation and Foresight, Council of Tampere Region
Anniina Heinikangas, Regional Analyst, Innovation and Foresight, Council of Tampere Region